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2003 Class M wrestling tournament
Stories & results
Class M
At Plainville
Team scores: 1. Killingly, 214.5; 2. Windham, 205; 3. RHAM-Hebron,195.5; 4. Bethel, 174.5; 5. Ledyard, 46.5; 6. Waterford, 143; 7.Plainvilee, 142.5; 8. Platt Meriden, 121.5; 9. New Canaan, 114;10. New Fairfield, 79.5; 11. (tie) Woodstock Academy and JonathanLaw-Milford, 66; 13. Holy Cross-Waterbury, 65.5; 14. Hartford Public, 65; 15. Hand-Madison, 63.5; 16. Foran-Milford, 45.5; 17.Darien, 42; 18. Vinal Tech-Middletown, 28; 19. Weaver-Hartford,24; 20. (tie) Cheney Tech-Manchester and Wilton, 22; 22.Brookfield, 18; 23. (tie) Wolcott Tech-Torrington and Enfield, 17;25. Stratford, 9; 26. Wethersfield, 8; 27. (tie) EllisTech-Danielson and Wolcott Tech -Torrington, 7.

103-Final: Ken Fratus, Waterford def. Nick Palermo, Bethel, 4-2.3. Tom Phillips, Killingly def. Bill Heuschneider, Ledyard, 10-2;5. Craig Miniter, Platt; 6. Trevor Olmstead, RHAM, 15-12.

112-Final: Ian Kessler, New Fairfield def. Jesse Cavallaro,Plainville, 5-2; 3. Nick Miragliuolo, Woodstock Academy def. ScottWarren, RHAM, 5-1; 5. Andrew Jackson, Holy Cross; 6. Zeth Nolda,Waterford, 2-0.

119-Final: James Therrian, Killingly def. Navarre Jones, Windham,7-0; 3. Steve Weiss, Bethel def. Nick Newell, Law, 8-0; 5. JaredCzarneski, Foran; 6. Jason Francks, Platt, 11-2.

125-Final: Trevor Brown, RHAM def. Jeff Oldham, Bethel, 6-4; 3.Jordan Blain, Windham def. Matt Shideler, Platt, 17-7; 5. DennisKetner, Waterford; 6. Jeremy Weaver, Foran, 10-2.

130-Final: Anthony Fischetti, Jonathan Law def. Jeff Larrow,Woodstock Academy, 13-4; 3. Travis Richard, Windham pins AnthonyPowers, Waterford, :43; 5. Darren Riccio, Bethel; 6. Eric ThorenRHAM, 3-1.

135-Final: Brock Littlefield, RHAM def. Kurtis Strout, Windham,9-3. 3. Erick Davis, Ledyard def. Davis Loomis, Killingly, 5-1; 5.Dylan Eldridge, New Canaan; 6. Will Arcari, Enfield, default.140-

Final: Vito Barbagallo, Plainville pins Jesus Cruz, HartfordPublic, 4:59; 3. Bran Crudden, Windham def. Luke Gabordi, Ledyard,10-2; 5. Doug Day, Hand; 6. Hazel Evans, Weaver, 6-4.

145-Final: Doug Milburn, Bethel def. Ian Coyne, RHAM, 9-4; 3. KurtKyder, Hand def. Luke Guyot, Windham, 4-0; 5. Jimi Maiorino,Woodstock Academy; 6. Jamie Guarnieri, Foran, 19-10.

152-Final: Greg Dussol, RHAM def. Shaun Canney, Holy Cross, 4-3 (2OT); 3. Lawrence Loomis, Killingly def. Kyle Trotta, Ledyard,17-2; 5. Ryan Shaw, Waterford; 6. Robert Marouski, Windham, 10-4.

160-Final: Alex Ohrn, New Canaan dec. Kevin Davis, RHAM, 4-2, OT, New Canaan; 3. BrandonBeloin, Killingly pins Bryan Hawes, Windham, 5:46; 5. JonathanVelazquez, Hartford Public; 6. John Curry, Platt, 6-5.

171-Final: Adam Collins, Ledyard def. Cole Whitehead, Killingly,6-2. 3. Billy Haire, Darien def. Ferdinand Quiles, Windham, 5-1;5. Dave Czarnecki, RHAM; 6. Shawn Karasevicz, Waterford, default.

189-Final: Mike LaBeef, Killingly def. Dave Chapman, Plainville,4-3. 3. Steve Welch, Waterford def. Dan Ford, Bethel, 6-2; 5.Shemek Skalski, Platt; 6. Ryan Borowicz, Vinal Tech, 6-4.

215-Final: Jason Landri, New Canaan pins Justin Fangiullo,Plainville, 4:33. 3. Brandon Manning, Platt def. Matt Sutera,Killingly, 5-1; 5. Christo Vasiliou, Holy Cross; 6. Sean Tibbitts,Bethel, default.

275-Final: Bruno Dorismond, New Canaan def. Ray Dommermuth, NewFairfield, 5-4. 3. Brian Wilson, Plainville pins Robert Nelson,Waterford, 4:16; 5. Jonathan Marques, Windham; 6. Jean-Phillips Pechie, Killingly, 4:05.

Outstanding wrestler: Alex Ohrn, New Canaan.

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Connecticut Wrestling Online
PLAINVILLE, Feb. 16, 2003  -- Killingly's James Therrien finally came home with a big trophy. After losing in his first two Class M championship finals and a pair of State Open finals, Therrien won his first state title Saturday with a 7-0 win over Windham High's Navarre Jones, 7-0, at 119 pounds.

The win also helped Killingly slip past Windham and earn its first-ever state championship in the ultra-competitive Class M tournament. The Redmen scored 214½ points, a 9½ bulge over the second-place Whippets (205) and defending Class M champion RHAM in third place (195½). Bethel was fourth with 174½.

Killingly junior Mike LaBeef (189) also brought home a title for the Redmen, who were second a year ago to RHAM. "We've been here and been close the last couple of years," Killingly coach Rich Bowen told the New London Day. "Last year, we just ran into a great team (RHAM) and were outwrestled that day by them. I just feel really good about these kids because it is a great group of kids and they deserve it."

"I'm going to have nightmares about some of those 1-point losses," Windham coach Pat Risley told the Norwich Bulletin. "We had our chances to win this. But 23-1 is the best season I've ever had, finishing in second place is the best one my teams have ever done and to finish ahead of RHAM, who everyone was talking about and not giving anyone else the respect they deserved, I'll have sweet dreams about that."

Waterford freshman Ken Fratus (103) had an exciting final, edging Nick Palmero of Bethel, 4-2, thanks to a third period reversal with 50 seconds remaining. New Fairfield's Ian Kessler (112) outlasted Plainville's Jesse Cavallaro, 5-2. Kessler won a Class M title in 2001 only to finish second last year.

Plainville's Vito Barbagallo won his second straight Class M title with a 4:59 pin over Hartford Public's Jesus Cruz. The match was tied 9-9 in the third period after a Cruz reversal but took over to earn the title.

LaBeef outlasted Plainville's Dave Chapman, 4-3 in the 189 final while New Canaan's Bruno Dorismond outlasted New Fairfield's Ray Dommermuth, 5-4 in the 275 final.

Holy Cross coach Mike Diorio will pleased not to see any more overtime matches. His Crusaders were involved in four OT matches, three that went into double OT. They lost all four including Shaun Canney's match in the 152 pound final.

Canney, who was second at 152 a year ago, came into the match undefeated at 31-0 but he was facing another defending Class M champion Greg Dussol of RHAM. Trailing 3-1 after two periods, Canney escaped to trim the lead to one and tied the match when Dussol was called for stalling in the third period.

But in the second OT, Dussol chose down and escaped to earn a 4-3 victory.

New Canaan's Alex Orhn was named the tournament's most outstanding wrestler after his victory at 160 pounds.

Material from several newspapers, personal notes and interviews was used to prepare this report.
Killingly brings home its first state championship