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n Plainville's Mario Acca (160) won the outstanding wrestler award at the Plainville Invitational after his 7-3 championship win over West Springfield's Ralph Marquez.
Plainville Invitational (160)
Plainville Invitational
At Plainville (Sat. Dec. 20)
Team results : 1. West Springfield, Mass., 265½, 2. Bristol Central 225½, 3. Plainville 156½, 4. East Catholic 127, 5. RHAM 125, 6. Brookfield 120, 7. Chicopee, Mass., 76½, 8. Woodstock Academy 44, 9. Rocky Hill 29
Individual results
103: 1.  J. McKeever (Brookfield) pin Connor Hayes (BC) 1:27; 3. E. Arslan (West) dec. A. Straton (RHAM)  4-2
112: 1.  Mizam Tameradze (West) pin M. Koh (Brook) 1:48; 3.  W. Gerardi (RHAM) dec M. Pokorny (BC) 13-1
119: 1.  Jose Flores (West) dec S. Gonzalez (EC) 5-1; 3.  V. Russo (Plain) pin Cantazaro (RHAM) 2:30
125: 1.  B. Lynn (RHAM) dec Ryan Carbonell (BC) 5-1; 3.  J. Levine (Brook) dec S. Le (West) 8-3
130: 1.  M. Gonzalez (EC) dec Nick Cyr (BC) 6-4; 3.  Z. Harper (Plain) pin B. Marquez (West) 3:59
135: 1.  K. Schilling (RHAM) pin Tom Shea (West) 2:39; 3.  AJ Wojtusik (BC) dec B. Brandon Melendez (Chic) 10-5
140: 1.  Seth Vose (BC) dec Justin LeTourneau (BC) 15-0; 3.  R. Voisine (Plain) dec K. Line (West) 17-6
145: 1.  Z. Moran (EC) dec M. Bove (Wood) 3-0; 3.  M. Delvalle (Brook) dec L. Siano (West) 4-0
152: 1.  E. Sakowski (EC) dec Brady Walsh (West) 12-7; 3.  ZackCoppola (BC) pin Turner (EC) 0:30
160: 1.  Mario Acca (Plain) dec Ralph Marquez (West) 7-3; 3.  O. Mironchenko (Wood) dec C. Dionne (BC) 13-7
171: 1.  E. Brainard (RHAM) pin Illi Cojacura (West) 2:58; 3.  Miguel Ramos (BC) pin C. Westervelt (Plain) 2:36
189: 1.  Steve Wrona (West) pin J. Pietrowicz (Plain) 0:33; 3.  K. Spence (Plain) pin J. Wamser (Brook) 4:52
215: 1.  Rhamel Hill (West) pin Dylan Casey (Chic) 3:39; 3.  Joe Guzman (Chic) dec D. Phyfe (Wood) 12-8
285: 1.  T. Chambers (BC) pin Victor Rivera (Chic) 1:53; 3.  J. Reardon (Plain) pin Garbalosa (BC) 2:36
Most Outstanding Wrestler – Mario Acca (160)- Plainville; Fast fall: Miguel Ramos (Bristol Central, 171) 4 pins in 7:20
Plainville Invitational
VIDEOS Courtesy of FuryVids.net

n B. Lynn of RHAM outlasts Bristol Central's Ryan Carbonell in the 125 pound final of the Plainville Invitational, 5-1
Plainville Invitational (125)
n Steve Wrona of Westhill-Stamford (189) pins Plainville's J. Pietrowicz in 33 seconds to win a championship at the Plainville Invitational
Plainville Invitational (189)
n Rhamel Hill of Westhill-Stamford pins Dylan Casey of Chicopee, Mass. in 3:39 to win the championship at 215 pounds in the Plainville Invitational
Plainville Invitational  (215)
n East Catholic's E. Sakowski beats Brady Walsh of West Springfield, 12-7 in the finals at 152 pounds of the Plainville Invitational.
Plainville Invitational (152)
n Bristol Central's Tim Chambers (285) wins the Plainville Invitational with a pin of Chicopee's Victor Rivera in 1:53
Plainville Invitational (285)
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More videos from the Plainville Invitational championship round
Courtesy FuryVids.net
n Xavier’s Tom Abbatte earned a 1-0 decision over Nick Giulietti of Sheehan-Wallingford on Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2008 at Cheshire High
Abbate vs. Giulietti
Plainville Invitational, Dec. 2008
n Caleb Morth of Ledyard (145) beats Jackson Maroni of Cranston East, 2-1 to win the Bristol Central Invitational
BC Invitational (145)
Bristol Central Invitational
At Bristol (Sat. Jan. 3)
Team results:  1. Bristol Central 199, 2. Waterford 159, 3. Ledyard and Avon 143, 5. Middletown 114½, 6. Gloucester Catholic (NJ) 102½, 7. Jonathan Law 84, 8. Bristol Eastern 79, 9. Cranston East (RI) 75, 10. Plainville 70, 11. Mohonasen (NY) 68½, 12. Farmington 58, 13. Terryville 50, 14. Branford 12.
Final: Nate Errico, Mohonasen, pin Tim Orrell, Farmington, 3:45; Third: A.J. Collum, Cranston East, Pin Tyler McDonald, Middletown, 0:38
Final: Rob Lonergan, Jonathan Law, dec. Andrew Chase, BE, 9-0; Third: Colin O'Brien, Waterford, pin Adam Colavito, Middletown, 3:36
Final: Viktor Ekpenyong, Middletown, pin Vinny Russo, Plainville, 2:23; Third: Mark Hitchcock, Mohonasen, pin Josh Dess, BE, 5:07
Final: Reggie Allen, Waterford, dec. Eric Orrell, Farmington, 6-5; Third: Allan Schaeffer, Gloucester Catholic. Pin Colin Lombardi, BC, 0:58
Final: Ryan Carbonell, BC, dec. Joe Tripodi, Avon, 7-3; Third: Zach Harper, Plainville, dec. Rob Koehler, Gloucester Catholic, 4-0
Final: Kyle Saillant, Cranston East, dec. Nick Cyr, BC, 8-4; Third: Taylor Gunnells, Ledyard, dec. Brandon DiBartolo, Gloucester Catholic, 2-0
Final: James Gendler, Avon, dec. Ryan Sgandurra, Waterford, 8-7; Third: Brendan Sullivan, Ledyard, dec. A.J. Wojtusik, BC, 10-6
Final: Alex Manwaring, Ledyard, pin Matt Silver, Avon, 5:28; Third: Brandon Mals, BE, dec. Jon Casteneda, Jonathan Law, 8-2
Final: Caleb Morth, Ledyard, dec. Jackson Maroni, Cranston East, 2-1; Third: Anthony Valenti, Gloucester Catholic. Pin Shea Conlon, BC, 2:20;
Final: Austin Darley, BC, pin Nick Roccapriore, Terryville, 4:56; Third: Sean Ghikas, Mohonasen, dec. Dean Gilbert, Ledyard, 10-4
Final: Mario Acca, Plainville, dec. Shane Sullivan, Ledyard, 9-3; Third: Devin Carillo, Middletown, dec. John Millaras, Waterford, 2-1
Final: Shane Duplice, Waterford, dec. Miguel Ramos, BC, 15-3; Third: Sean O'Connell, Farmington, dec. Dave Wyrick, Avon, 4-0
Final: Shane Battista, Waterford, dec. Brian Haynes, Avon, 4-2; Third: Alex Kappel, Jonathan Law, dec. Adam Baals, Gloucester Catholic, 15-5
Final: Nick Comoroto, Gloucester Catholic, dec. Wesley Ruimermann, Middletown, 10-9; Third: Tyler Kraus, Mohonasen, pin Luke Wiggens, Waterford, 2:36
Final: Tim Chambers, BC, pin Joshua Barnes, Cranston East, 0:42; Third: Steven Benavides, Middletown, dec. Alex Lawrence, Ledyard, 8-3;

Bristol Central Invitational finals
VIDEOS Courtesy of FuryVids.net

n  Bristol Central's TIm Chambers (285) pins Joshua Barnes of Cranston East in 42 seconds, becoming the 14th wrestler to win at least 3 BC Invitational titles.
BC Invitational (285)
n  Plainville's Mario Acca (160) beats Ledyard's Shane Sullivan, 9-3 to win a championship at the Bristol Central Invitational
BC Invitational (160)
n  Tournament MVP Viktor Ekpenyong (112) of  Middletown pins Vinny Russo of Plainville in 2:23 to win his second BC Invitational championship.
BC Invitational (112)
n Avon sophomore James Gendler (135) beats Waterford's Ryan Sgandurra, 8-7 to win his first Bristol Central Invitational title.
BC Invitational (135)
More videos from the Bristol Central Invitational championship round
Courtesy FuryVids.net
2009 Bristol Central Invitational finals                            Courtesy FuryVids.net
n  Ledyard's Alex Manwaring (140) pins Avon's Matt Silver in the third period (5:28) to win a title at the Bristol Central Invitational
BC Invitational (140)
n  Waterford's Shane Battista (189) outlasts Avon's Brian Hayes, 4-2 to win a Bristol Central Invitational title.
BC Invitational (189)
n Diego Perez of Wethersfield beats Dylan Rinker of South Windsor, 6-4 in OT in the 125-pound final of the Greater Hartford Invitational
Greater Hartford Invit (125)
2009 Greater Hartford Invitational                  
n Danbury's Humphrey Swift  falls to Brian Nichols of Timberlane, N.H., 4-0 in the finals at 285 in the 7th annual Eastern States Classic.
Eastern States Classic (285)
2009 Eastern States Classic final                    Courtesy Danbury Wrestling
n Mt. Anthony's Ethan Furlon beats Danbury's Humphrey Swift, 2-1 and holds off a late charge by Swift.
Danbury vs. MAU (285)
Danbury vs. Mt. Anthony, Vt.                      Courtesy HattersWrestling.com
n Mt. Anthony's Cole Frost (171) outlasts Danbury's Damian Winters, 3-1 in overtime.
Danbury vs. MAU (171)
n Defending New England champion Charlie Costanzo (119) of Danbury beats Mt. Anthony's Zak Hale, 14-2
Danbury vs. MAU (119)
n In the opening bout of the match, Danbury's Tucker Schaefer (152) pins Cody Wilkins of Mt. Anthony in 2:49
Danbury vs. MAU (152)
n In a close match, Mt. Anthony's Brad Sawyer (189) outlasts Danbury's Dylan Hancock, 3-2
Danbury vs. MAU (189)
Mt. Anthony 39, Danbury 22
At Bennington, Vt.
152: Tucker Schaefer (D) pin Cody Wilkins (MAU) 2:49; 160: John Smith (D) pin Spencer Foucher (MAU) 1:15; 171: Cole Frost (MAU) dec. Damian Winters (D) 3-1 OT; 189: Brad Sawyer (MAU) dec. Dylan Hancock (D) 3-2; 215: Kyle Lane (MAU) pin Mike Bobenhausen (D) 0:22; 285: Ethan Furlon (MAU) dec. Humphrey Swift (D) 2-1; 103: Smith Stratton (MAU) dec. Dylan Bryant (D) 6-2; 112: Mike Bradley (MAU) dec. Brian Jennings (D) 4-3; 119: Charlie Costanzo (D) major dec. Zak hale (MAU) 14-2; 125: Ben Price (MAU) dec. JD Damici (D) 11-5; 130: Dan Pierce (MAU) dec. Ryan Peterson (D) 10-4; 125: Jimmy Zupko (MAU) pin Tyler Arsenault (D) 3:36; 140: Thiago Goncalves (D) pin Kyle Lampman (MAU) 2:38; 145: Zach Weinfurt (MAU) pin Tyler Hancock (D) 5:01
Records: Danbury 7-1, Mt. Anthony 16-1

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n Berlin's Kevin Moss defeats Middletown's Jacob Melhorn, 3-0 in the 2009 NWC finals at 135 pounds
NWC final (135)
2009 NWC Tournament finals                                Courtesy FuryVids.net
n Berlin's Mason Powers (189) beats Plainville's Jake Pietrowicz in the NWC finals at 189 pounds
NWC finals (189)
n RHAM's Billy Lynn (125) beats Plainville's Zach Harper, 4-0 in the NWC finals at 125 pounds.
NWC finals (125)
n The tournament's Outstanding Wrestler, Victory Ekpenyong (112) of Middletown pins Will Geradi of RHAM in 1:46 in the NWC finals.
NWC finals (112)
n Berlin's Jack Rudy (285) wins a Northwest Conference title with a 3-2 win in OT over Plainville's John Reardon
NWC finals (285)
Northwest Conference Tournament
At Berlin High
Team Scores – 1. Middletown 184.5; 2. Berlin 179.5; 3. RHAM 125.5; 4. Plainville 121; 5. Rocky Hill 65; 6. East Catholic 57; 7. St. Paul 34; 8. SMSA 0.
103 – 1. Andrew Carignan (Middletown) tech fall Dan Cirullo (Berlin) 20-5; 3. Adam Colavito (Middletown JV) dec. Alex Stratton (RHAM) 8-5.
112 – 1. Victor Ekpenyong (Middletown) pin Will Geradi (RHAM) 1:46; 3. Shaun Sullivan (Berlin) dec. Vinny Russo (Plainville) 2-0.
119 – 1. Matt Tanner (Plainville) pin Josh Foster (Plainville JV) 4:24; 3. Scott Gonzalez (East Catholic) pin Shelby Brown (Middletown JV) :44.
125 – 1. Billy Lynn (RHAM) dec. Zach Harper (Plainville) 4-0; 3. Josh Molina (Middletown) dec. Andrew Soneson (Berlin) 14-7.
130 – 1. Mark Gonzalez (East Catholic) dec. Will Matuszak (Berlin) 7-3; 3. Kyle Shilling (RHAM) pin Kyle Pelletier (Plainville) 4:48.
135 – 1. Kevin Moss (Berlin) dec. Jacob Melhorn (Middletown) 3-0; 3. Nishan Valentini (RHAM) dec. Jordan Gallagher (Plainville) 3-0.
140 – 1. Justin Roncaioli (Berlin) won by injury default over Devon McAfee (RHAM); 3. Corey Martin (Middletown) dec. Colin Davis (RHAM) 1-0.
145 – 1. Casey Spurr (Middletown) pin Kyle Blye (Middletown JV) 3:10; 3. Brandon Henley (RHAM) pin Justin Rodrigues (Rocky Hill) 4:38.
152 – 1. Devon Carillo (Middletown) tech fall Mike Fiorillo (Berlin) 20-5; 3. Eric Sakowski (East Catholic) pin Almir Pjetrovic (Rocky Hill) 4:16.
160 – 1. Jack Banks (Berlin) dec. Terrance Thompson (Rocky Hill) 10-2; 3. Chris Bachand (St. Paul) dec. Chandler Overton (Middletown) 6-1.
171 – 1. Eric Brainard (RHAM) dec. Jordan Thorp (Middletown) 16-4; 3. Bobby Donahue (Rocky Hill) dec. Ryan Tracey (Middletown JV) 11-8.
189 – 1. Mason Powers (Berlin) dec. Jake Pietrowicz (Plainville) 6-0; 3. Jaymes Bachand (St. Paul) pin Mark Thompkins (Middletown) 4:39.
215 – 1. Wesley Ruimerman (Middletown) pin Kevin Spence (Plainville) 1:10; 3. Dylan Braga (RHAM) pin Javier Collado (Rocky Hill) 4:23.
285 – 1. Jack Rudy (Berlin) dec. John Reardon (Plainville) 3-2 OT; 3. Stefano Celli (Plainville JV) pin Donovan Lawrence (Rocky Hill) 1:31.
n Berlin's Jack Banks (160) outwrestles Terrance Thompson of Rocky Hill in the finals, 10-2
NWC finals (160)
Northwest Conference finals
VIDEOS Courtesy of FuryVids.net
n Xavier's Ryan Scott (145) pins East Haven's Mike DiNicola in 0:57 at 145 pounds in the SCC finals.
SCC final (145)
2009 SCC Tournament finals                              
n East Haven's Cody Bias (189) pins New Haven's Tito Slaughter in 3:48 to win the SCC final at 189 pounds.
SCC final (189)
n Law's Rob Lonergan beats Amity's steve Matson to win the SCC championship at 103 pounds, 8-0
SCC final (103)
n Shelton's Rob Ferrante (125) pins East Haven's Vinny DiNicola in 5:20 in the SCC finals at 125 pounds.
SCC final (125)
n East Haven's Tom Ayala (130) outlastes Patrick Michael of Branford, 10-8 in the SCC championship match at 130 pounds.
SCC final (130)
n Derby's Anthony Delprete defeats Hand's Max Flanagan to win the SCC title at 112 pounds, 11-4
SCC final (112)
Southern CT Conference Tournament
at East Haven
Team scores -- 1. Hand 126, 2. Xavier 117, 3. Amity 112, 4. Law 99, 5. Shelton 89, 6. Guilford 87.5, 7. East Haven 85.5, 8. Derby 51, 9. Cheshire 31, 10. (tie) Branford and Sheehan 16, 12. (tie) Foran and North Haven 14, 14. Fairfield Prep 8, 15. Notre Dame-West Haven 4.
Individual results
103--Rob Lonergan (Law) dec. Steve Matson (Amity) 8-0; Third: Jake Miller (Foran) dec. Matt Poppa (Derby) 12-8
112--Tony Delprete (Derby) dec. Max Flanagan (Hand) 11-4; Third: Jed Cerevo (Cheshire)  dec. Pete Litwim (Amity) 5-0
119--Eddie Carroll (Hand) pin Vinny Delprete 2:47;  Third: Jason Richardson (Law) dec  Spencer Ciancola (Amity) 6-3
125--Rob Ferrante (Shelton) pin Vinny DiNicola (East Haven) 5:20; Third: James Root (Law)  dec Tim Proctor (Guilford) 4-2
130--Tom Ayala (East Haven) dec. Patrick Michael (Branford) 10-8; Third: Dan Matson (Amity) dec  Tyler Cunningham (Xavier) 5-2
135--John Jongbloed (Hand) dec. Jon Castaneda (Law) 7-0; Third: Ethan Shore (Guilford) pin  Stephon Carmona (East Haven) 0:54
140--Mike Vernik (Amity) dec. Tom Abbate (Xavier) 3-2; Third: Nick Giuletti (Sheehan) pin Geoff Toal (Shelton) 2:50
145--Ryan Scott (Xavier) pin Mike DiNicola (East Haven) 0:57; Third: Eric Anderson (Hand) pin  Walter Catapano (Guilford) 1:56
152--Brian Onofrio (Hand) pin Chris Emmanuelson (Xavier) 0:21; Third: Alex Carpenter (Amity) dec  CJ Cavuoto (Shelton) 13-0
160--Kyle Lundberg (Guilford) dec. Kyle Copes (Cheshire) 10-3; Third: Will Pogascsus (Shelton)  dec. Jet Krumweide (Law) 7-4
171--Dan Thompson (Xavier) dec. Bill Verab (Amity) 9-0; Third: Rick Hahne (Hand) dec  Mike Frizinia (Shelton) 7-5
189--Cody Bias (East Haven) pin Tito Slaughter (New Haven) 3:48; Third: Stewart Lamberton (Guilford) dec  Alex Kappel (Law) 3-2
215--Pat Gillen (Shelton) pin Andrew Teofilo (Guilford) 1:18; Third: Dylan Lindhahl (Hand) dec  Matt Gillespie (Amity) 3-1
285--Ricardo Rozier (Law) dec. Mohammed Chater (Xavier) 10-2;  Third: Joe Demichele (Hand) dec   Mike Milano (Guilford) 8-3
Outstanding wrestler: Mike Vernik, Amity (140)

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2009 Class S
2009 SCC finals
2009 NWC finals
Mt. Anthony vs. Danbury
2009 Greater Hartford Invitational
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2009 Bristol Central Invitational
2009 Plainville Invitational
n Thomaston sophomore Alan Sanford pins Derby's Matt Poppa in 1:58 to win his first Class S state championship.
Class S final (103)
2009 Class S tournament                            
n Trailing by four points in the third period, Thomaston's Tyler Foley pins Derby's Anthony Delprete in 5:31 to win the Class S championship at 112 pounds.
Class S final (112)
n St. Bernard's Lucas Bowman pins Gilbert's Ross Lopardo in 1:03 to win the Class S title at 189 pounds.
Class S final (189)
n For the third time this season, Thomaston's Francis Gelada (145) beats Housatonic freshman Steve Wingard. Gelada wins 8-7 to win Class S title.
Class S final (145)
n Gavin Buckley of Immaculate-Danbury pins Tony Decato of Gilbert-Winsted in 3:11 to win the Class S title at 130 pounds.
Class S final (130)
2009 Class S championships
At Uncasville
Team results – 1. Killingly 186, 2. Somers 174, 3. Gilbert 167, 4. Derby 153, 5. Nonnewaug 147, 6. Thomaston 146, 7. St. Bernard 141, 8. Housatonic 122, 9. Griswold 115½, 10. Canton 107½, 11. Immaculate 92, 12. Haddam-Killingworth 88, 13. Terryville 83½, 14. East Catholic 71, 15. Holy Cross 70, 16. Old Saybrook/Westbrook 69, 17. Stafford 42, 18. Portland and Northwestern 34, 20. Hartford Classical 33½, 21. St. Paul 29, 22. Suffield 28, 23. Morgan 25, 24. O’Brien Tech 24, 25. Lyman Memorial 23, 26. Ansonia 22, 27. East Windsor 20, 28. Oxford 18, 29. Rocky Hill 16, 30. Windham Tech and Weston 13, 32. Ellington 10½, 33. University, Old Lyme and East Granby 0
Individual results
Championship: Alan Sanford, Thomaston pin Matt Poppa, Derby, 1:58; Third place:  Ron Allen, Griswold dec. Matt White, Canton, 5-4; Fifth place: Josh Hoxie, Gilbert, pin Austin Jordano, Immaculate, 3:20
Championship: Tyler Foley, Thomaston pin Anthony Delprete, Derby, 5:31; Third place:  Austin Hodges, Nonnewaug pin Thomas Lombardi, Killingly, 2:08; Fifth place: Andrew Suh, St. Bernard dec. Will Kelsey, Northwestern, 12-0
Championship: Tyler Tilbe, Nonnewaug dec. Daniel Piscottano, Somers, 8-6; Third place:  Scott Gonzalez., East Catholic pin Allen Yang, Stafford, 4:25; Fifth place: Vin Delprete, Derby dec. Steve Carpenter, Canton, 2-0
Championship: Brandon Thuotte, Killingly tech fall Richard Wood, 16-1, 4:39; Third place:  Dom Ghi, Housatonic dec. Jake Alderman, Lyman Memorial, 9-7 OT; Fifth place: Tyler O’Connor, Derby dec. Dennis Christie, Immaculate, 5-3
Championship: Gavin Buckley, Immaculate pin Tony Decato, Gilbert, 3:11; Third place:  Tylor Herrick, Killingly win by default over Mark Gonzalez, East Catholic; Fifth place: Joseph Falco, Griswold dec. Joe Titus, 10-1
Championship: Michael Daly, St. Bernard dec. Troy Zachary, Somers, 3-1; Third place:  Brandon Walsh, Griswold dec. Eddie Loomis, Killingly, 3-2; Fifth place: Linbert Cousley, Derby dec. Dalton Ahern, Old Saybrook, 12-7
Championship: Zachary Cooke, Killingly dec. Eric Parsons, Gilbert, 4-2; Third place:  Brandon Leach, Canton dec. Frank Navarro, Old Saybrook, 4-2; Fifth place: David Chokas, Somers, pin Matt Janiga, Ellington, 0:31
Championship: Fran Gelada, Thomaston dec. Steve Wingard, Housatonic, 8-7; Third place:  Justin Grabarz, Derby dec. Matt Caulfield, Holy Cross, 3-1; Fifth place: Wayne Falco, Griswold dec. David Skau, Old Saybrook, 14-8
Championship: Robert Garlick, Somers dec. Nick O’Connor, Ansonia, 2-0, OT; Third place:  Nicl Roccapriore, Terryville dec. Trevor Manuel, Old Saybrook, 12-4; Fifth place: Eric Sakowski, East Catholic pin Guy Hall, Haddam-Killingworth, 2:25
Championship: Samuel Schwartz, Housatonic dec. Mike Zabala, Hartford Classical, 7-4; Third place:  Chris Bachand, St. Paul dec. Rich Jones, Canton, 6-5; Fifth place: Colin Beloin, Killingly dec. William Boots, Griswold, 7-3
Championship: Tim Vollaro, Somers dec. Brad Visconti, Housatonic, 14-5; Third place:  Tore Lovetre, Gilbert pin Nate Haller, Canton, 0:41; Fifth place: John Draper, Terryville dec. Mark Dilley, Thomaston, 12-0
Championship: Lucas Bowman, St. Bernard pin Ross Lopardo, Gilbert, 1:03; Third place:  George Planeta, Portland dec. Ben Schwartz, Housatonic, 12-4; Fifth place: Christian Nelson, Thomaston pin William Baklik, Haddam Killingowrth, 4:21
Championship: Kyle Bucciarelli, Nonnewaug dec. Andrew Whitehead, Killingly, 10-6; Third place:  Ken Vollaro, Somers pin Thomas McEvoy, O’Brien Tech, 2:57, Fifth place: Andrew Morrone, Holy Cross pin Jesse Gilbert, Derby, 2:29
Championship: Marshall Deane, Gilbert dec. Nicholas Nikolov, Somers, 11-6; Third place:  Ronnie Walter, Nonnewaug pin Michael Tucker, St. Bernard, 2:07; Fifth place: Andrew Brooks, Morgan pin Stephen Polumbo, Haddam-Killingworth, 1:52
Outstanding wrestler: Brandon Thuotte, Killingly (125); Fast Fall: Andrew Morrone, Holy Cross (215) 4 pins in 5:35

n East Lyme's Ross Spencer wins the Outstanding Wrestler award after his pin of Robert Lonergan of Jonathan Law in the State Open finals at 103 pounds
State Open final (103)
2009 State Open                              
n East Lyme's Ross Spencer wins the Outstanding Wrestler award after his pin of Robert Lonergan of Jonathan Law in the State Open finals at 103 pounds
2009 New England Tournament                         Massachusetts Wrestling.com
Click on this link to watch all of the finals on VIDEO
2009 New England championships
At New Haven
Team results – 1. Timberlane NH 110, 2. Cranston West RI 91½, 3. Cumberland RI 58, 4. Lowell, MA 56, 5. Concord NH 55, 6. Danbury 47, 7. Massabesic ME 46, 8. Greater Lawrence MA 44, 9. Framingham MA 37½, 10. Burlington MA, Pinkerton MA 37
103: Final: Shaidai Lariviere (Cumberland RI) dec. Zach Bridson (Timberlane NH) 8-2
112: Final: Corey Melo (New Bedford MA) dec. Matt Buco (Greater Lawrence MA), 3-2
119: Final: Miguel Guzman (Greater Lawrence MA) dec. Charlie Costanzo (Danbury), 5-1
125: Final: Mike Meyers (Warwick Vets RI) dec. Ryan Toussaint (Deering ME) 10-0
130: Final: Alex Hayek (East Greenwich RI) dec. Nick O’Connell (Cranston West RI), 5-4
135:Final: Shawn Giblin (Cranston West RI) pin Issac Melo (Somerset MA), 3:37
140: Final: Dan Telhada (Franklin MA) dec. Peter Gilman (Massabesic ME), 6-3
145: Final: Victor DeJesus (Lowell) dec. Joey Eon (Massabesic ME), 9-1
152: Final: Cody Byrd (Londonderry NH) dec. Andrew Ford (Bethel), 5-3
160: Final: Isaiah Williams (Haverhill MA) dec. Nick Bedard (Lowell MA), 11-2
171: Final: Mike Wrin (Algonquin MA) dec. Tim Vollaro (Somers), 5-3
189: Final: Lucas Bowman (St. Bernard) dec. Travis Spencer (Belfast ME), 4-2
215:Final: Mike Grilakis (Nashua South NH) dec. Ricky Caruso (Waltham MA), 9-5
275: Final: Dan Herrick (Concord NH) win by forfeit over Brian Nicol (Timberlane NH), injury
Outstanding wrestler: Shawn Giblin, Cranston West RI (135)
Most outstanding final: 189 pounds, Bowman vs. Spencer

2009 CIAC State Open
At New Haven
Team scores: 1. Danbury, 131; 2. South Windsor, 82½; 3. Xavier-Middletown, 68; 4. Southington, 55½; 5. Bethel, 51½; 6. Shelton, 47; 7. St. Bernard-Montville, 46; 8. East Lyme, 45½; 9. Ledyard, 44; 10. Middletown, 41
Individual results
103 -- Final - Ross Spencer, East Lyme pin Robert Lonergan, Jonathan Law, 2:54
112 -- Final - Brian Jennings, Danbury dec. Jed Cervero, Cheshire, 6-4, OT
119 -- Final - Charlie Costanzo, Danbury dec. Eric Orrell, Farmington, 7-1
125 -- Final - Rob Ferrante, Shelton dec. Brandon Thuotte, Killingly, 3-2
130 -- Final - Andrew Lischke, Bethel dec. Tom Ayala, East Haven, 6-4, OT
135 -- Final - Joe Sargenti, South Windsor dec. Kevin Moss, Berlin, 11-5
140 -- Final - Tom Abbate, Xavier, dec. Jesse Broderick, New Fairfield, 10-4
145 -- Final - Tucker Schaefer, Danbury dec. Caleb Morth, Ledyard, 8-0
152 -- Final - Andrew Ford, Bethel dec. Brian Onofrio, Hand, 7-2
160 -- Final - Kyle Lundberg, Guilford dec. Mike Monson, Southington, 4-3
171 -- Final - Tim Vollaro, Somers dec. Patrick Sawyer, NFA, 11-3
189 -- Final - Lucas Bowman, St. Bernard dec. Dillon Ritchie, Southington, 7-5
215 -- Final - Lawton Arnold, Simsbury tech fall. P.J. Gillen, Shelton, 16-0
285 -- Final - Seth Rothberg, South Windsor dec. Tim Chambers, Bristol Central, 3-1
Most Outstanding Wrestler: Ross Spencer, East Lyme
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n Danbury's Brian Jennings win an Open title with a win over Cheshire's Jed Cervero in overtime, 6-4.
State Open final (112)
n Bethel's Andrew Ford beats Hand's Brian Onofrio, 7-2 to win a State Open championship.
State Open final (152)
n Guilford's Kyle Lundberg gets a takedown in the final period to beat Southington's Mike Monson, 4-3.
State Open final (160)
n Somers' Tim Vollaro wins his second straight State Open championship with an 11-3 win over Patrick Sawyer of NFA.

State Open final (171)
n Xavier's Tom Abbate beats New Fairfield's Jesse Broderick, 10-4.
State Open final (140)
n Bethel's Andrew Lischke beats East Haven's Tom Ayala in overtime, 6-4 to win the State Open championship.
State Open final (130)
n Shelton's Rob Ferrante beats Killingly's Brandon Thuotte, 3-2 to win the State Open championship at 125 pounds.
State Open final (125)
n St. Bernard's Lucas Bowman outlasts Southington's Dillon Ritchie, 7-5 to win the State Open championship.
State Open final (189)
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